Online payment with a credit or debit card

When making a payment in your online workflow using a non EU credit card or a non EU debit card, you are charged a percentage of the amount you are paying. This amount goes directly to the company who is handling the transaction.

The charges for use of online payments are:

  • Non-EU credit card = 1,4% of payment amount
  • Non-EU debit card = 1,3% of payment amount
  • Non-EU business/corporate cards: 1,00% of payment amount

A separate company called Teller/Nets provides the online payment option. The charges for non EU cards are automatically added to the amount you have selected to pay to the UCPH Housing Foundation whenever you are using the online payment option. The amount paid to Teller/Nets will not appear in your Account Status as it is not paid to the UCPH Housing Foundation - it will only appear in your credit card statement.

Teller/Nets accepts all kind of credit and debit cards.

Online payment versus bank transfer

When paying via bank transfer, we charge a fee for “the reception of a payment via bank transfer” of 250,- DKK.

Therefore, in most cases the cheapest way for you to make a payment is by paying online in your workflow with a credit card. However, it depends on how much you are paying - in some cases it will actually be cheaper for you to make a bank transfer, please see image below.

However, in order for you to avoid paying any fees when we are returning your deposit, it is important that your initial payment consists of at least the deposit. In this case we can return your deposit rather swiftly (to the credit/debit card account), and you save a fee that we charge to return the deposit using a bank transfer. Read more about returning your deposit.