Troubles when paying via credit/debit card – University of Copenhagen

Troubles when paying via credit or debit card

Do you get an error message when you try to make a payment online using a credit  or debit card? Then please keep reading.

In regards to the message: ”Order number already used”

This error you can sort out yourself.

  • Make sure you're using a PC or a MAC (not a tablet or a phone)
  • Please use Google Chrome as your browser (as stated in the Booking Manual)
  • Click on the account step again
  • Then click “SAVE”. By doing this, you reload the Account step under the Payment step.
  • Now try again and the error should disappear.

In regards to the message: “Payment took too long, you have to close the window and try again” or “Payment failed”.

This error does not come from our payment system. The error occurs when something in the payment goes wrong. Most often it is a problem in relation to your credit card provider or bank. You can try to click on the account step again and then click “SAVE”. By doing this you reload the Account step under the Payment step. If the error is still there after reloading the step, please contact your bank or credit card provider to find a solution. You may have an amount limit on your card, your bank might refuse to do a transfer to a foreign account or the card simply isn’t valid for making online payments.

If it still doesn't work..

If payment online via credit card just does not work for you, you always have the option of paying via bank transfer. You can find our account information here.

IMPORTANT: When you make a bank transfer, always remember to write your Student/Tenant ID in the transfer.

Note that making a bank transfer costs a fee.