Payment via Mobile Pay - an option if you have a Danish bank account

If you have a smartphone/tablet and a Danish bank account you can pay your rent via the application "Mobile Pay". The cost is DKK 25 per transaction.

How do I do it?

1. Download the application "Mobile Pay" on your smartphone or tablet and follow the installation instructions.

2. Open the app and enter the amount you wish to pay.

3. Click “vælg modtager” (="choose receipent") and enter our number:  (+45) 94 93 15. 

4. Enter your tenant ID number (4 or 5 digits) in the message field, so we know who sent us the money. Swipe right to transfer the money. A receipt will then appear on your screen. The receipt can always be found in your Mobile Pay app later, if needed.

The cost is DKK 25 per transaction.

Limit on transactions

As a standard setting the transction limit will be DKK 2.000,- per day. This limit can be increased by going to settings in the app - you will need your NEM-ID to change the limit(please ask your bank for further information).

Important information regarding the return of your deposit

In order for us to refund your deposit to your credit card, when your contract ends, without charging any fees, please make sure you still make your initial payment via credit card online in your workflow, and please ensure that this initial payment covers the deposit as a minimum. This is further described here.