House Rules, Rights and Responsibilities

Living in UCPH Housing Foundation residences means that you must abide by certain rights and responsibilities. Your obligations are detailed in Section 10 and 11 of your rental contract. On a more general level, your roommates or neighbours might be staying for a year so they should have an avenue to be comfortable in their home. 

Rights and responsibilities

  • You have the right to a safe and secure residence area, but
  • You also have the responsibility to keep your room door locked and not let any strangers into the residence.
  • You have the right to a reasonably peaceful and quiet space in which to sleep and study, but
  • You also have the responsibility to respect quiet hours, keep noise at minimum and to remind others politely that you expect the same from them.

The UCPH Housing Foundation, will do our very best to ensure that these rights are upheld. You can help ensure that these rights will be honored through thoughtful communication and discussions with your neighbours. 

No noise/partying

It is essential that you respect that noise is to be kept at a minimum level to provide a good study environment to those around you.

We also ask you to respect your neighbours, and remind you that according to our House Rules music etc. is not allowed after 10:00pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. You live in a regular residential area, not on a secluded campus. If you have guests we ask you to consider the other people living in the residence. Respect them, if they ask you to be quiet.

No longterm visitors and guests

You are not permitted to have anyone reside in the room you are renting. You are welcome to have guests for short stays only (normally up to 1 week).

If you are sharing an apartment with others, you must first have an agreement with all flatmates. Guests shall not sleep in the common space, nor take anyone else’s room—they must sleep in the host’s room. Generally, the foundation discourages having guests in shared apartments as it could impinge on your roommate’s space and certain buildings have age restrictions

Guests who would like to stay longer can refer to our section about Finding Housing on Your Own, or refer to the following options:

No Pets

Pets are not allowed in any of the UCPH Housing Foundation residences.  In most places it is due to the building regulation, but we have set this as a general rule for all, so every residence will not cause problems to KU students & staff with a pet allergy.

No Smoking

All Housing Foundation buildings are non-smoking zones. We cannot endorse that future residents be subjected to living conditions that may be hazardous to their health. 

No subletting

It is not allowed to sublet the room/residence you rent via the UCPH Housing Foundation - your booked accommodation is for your personal use only.

Responsibility to report maintenance Issues

You will be deemed negligent if you fail to report a maintenance issue in good time. Leaving the issue unattended could cause the issue to grow, and it could result in a repairs invoice being issued to you. 

Violation of house rules

If you violate the house rules of your residence, you will receive a first written warning from us.

If you violate the house rules again, you will receive a second written warning. We will also send this this second warning to the University of Copenhagen and your home university, and will inform them of the offending incident(s).

Should the offending behaviour persist after we sent you a third and final written warning, we will then consider terminating your housing contract and evicting you from the residence with immediate effect.