Maintenance Issues

The rent you pay for your accommodation includes utilities, such as heating, water and power. It is quite common in Denmark for the housing administrators to turn off the central heating from April to October. There will of course still be hot water.

You can always inform the Housing Foundation when a repair needs to take place. We will handle the issue or forward it to the relevant external party. 

Please provide an immediate report if an issue persists after scheduled repairs

If there are scheduled repairs and the issue still persists, then please let us know immediately. Please do not wait after some days/weeks. We believe that issues are solved once a repair is scheduled, unless someone notifies us to the contrary. We have a significant amount of housing so we would have no other way of knowing without your report. 

The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with any personal insurance. Please read more here.

Common repairs

Before you ask for a repair, please check whether it is something you can adddress first. The following are common issues: 

The light does not turn on

Perhaps you simply need to replace the light bulb. If not, perhaps the fuse has blown. 

Electrical Fuses

If you experience a short circuit in your room or residence, it may be because a fuse is blown. It is important that you check if perhaps the electrical system has been overloaded (if you have plugged in a device that uses more than 220 volts, or if several devises use the same outlet). If this is the case you will have to remove the cause before charging the system again.

Fuses may be bought in any supermarkets (Fakta or Netto) and 10 amps are the most common (make sure to look at your fuse box firstly, though; it will tell you which type you must use). The UCPH Housing Foundation also has some extra fuses that may be picked up if needed.

The fuse box must be shut down before changing the fuse, and then recharged after the replacement. Inspectors do not consider blown fuses an emergency, so it is important that you rule out this problem before asking for assistance for lack of electricity.

Important: If you're living in Tåsingegade Kollegiet and you experience a power cut, please look here.

The drain does not work and it is clogged up

Please clean the drain with drain cleaner and remember to clean the drain after every shower

When contacting the inspector

We expect that you inform us of any larger issues or repairs that need to be taken care of in good time. It is also important that you do not wait until an item breaks before you tell us about it. Please visit your specific residence here on the website for the contact information of your inspector. 

Please be precise when you report something to the inspector. They will need to know when it last worked, and what happened when it stopped working. They will also need to know if it all the time or if it the same in the room next door.

Having the inspector in your home

If the inspector needs to come into your residence to fix an issue which you have reported, he will use his spare key to let himself in if you are not home. If you prefer to be present when he comes by you need to arrange this directly with the inspector; however, most inspectors work from 7am to 1 or 2pm and cannot be expected to work outside of these hours, so please keep this in mind.

If the issue is urgent, e.g. water damage, smoke coming from the room etc., the inspector will let himself in no matter what, but will leave a note stating that he has been in the residence.