Housing Subsidy ("Boligstøtte")

Some international tenants can apply for governmental housing subsidy via ‘Udbetaling Danmark’, which is a governmental office. 


Each application is processed and evaluated individually by ‘Udbetaling Danmark’ and is also dependent on your income so the fulfilling the information of this page will not ensure that you will be able to recieve payments.

On a more general level, you must meet the following criteria:

  • That you live in a ‘studio room’ (or own apartment) with private kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom.  Thus, if you live in a shared apartment or a studio room in a hall of residence with shared kitchen and/or bathroom, you cannot apply.
  • That your rental contract is for more than 6 months. If you apply for housing subsidy and state that you are renting for more than 6 months and it turns out not to be true, or if you shorten or terminate your tenancy contract, you will be required to pay the entire subsidy back to the Danish government.
  • That you inform ‘Udbetaling Danmark’ when you move (or in most cases, leave the country). They do not automatically know that your contract has ended.
  • Any applicant must apply via the online application system. You log onto this system at www.borger.dk using ‘NemID’. You cannot get a ‘NemID’ without having a CPR number, so you need to have that in order to apply.

How to apply?

As a general rule, any queries about subsidy should be directed to ‘Udbetaling Danmark’.  Since information about ‘Udbetaling Danmark’ and the application process only is available in Danish, the UCPH Housing Foundation has made an unofficial translation of their application guidelines to assit you.

Please find the guideline with our translation notes here.

To apply, please click here (only available in Danish).

Special circumstances

Please check if your residence permit inhibits you from receiving any subsidies by contacting the ‘Danish Immigration Service’.

Students who receive scholarships, grants, or re-imbursements may not be eligible for the subsidy. The UCPH Housing Foundation is not involved in your application, whether it’s approved or denied.