The UCPH Housing Foundation does not provide you with any personal insurance so you will have to take it out yourself. We strongly urge you to take out a standard insurance policy that covers you and your personal belongings. At the very least, make sure you are covered by your home country insurance.

The following points are instances where insurance may be useful to you: 

  • Your bag or your bike is stolen or you experience a burglary
  • If you cause damage to other persons or items, willfully or not, and likewise if another person causes damage. 
  • If you have a bike accident resulting in a dentist bill
  • Unintentional flooding of the apartment below you and vice versa.

Your landlord – the Housing Foundation or any other landlord – will in some cases cover building damages but is never liable for accidents or crime inside your home – you must have your own insurance.

The insurance companies listed below will cover students on short term stays in Denmark. There may be a fee for policies under one year duration.

Alm. Brand
Midtermolen 7
2100 København Ø
Tel.: (+45) 33 30 60 10

Gothersgade 133 
1123 København K
Tel.: (+45) 33 95 97 00

Tryg Forsikring
Klausdalsbrovej 601
2750 Ballerup
Tel.: (+45) 70 11 20 20