Move-in Issue Report

You have 14 days from your move-in date to report issues with the room/apartment. If you believe something is missing or damaged, or if your room is not in a satisfactory condition, please report these issues in your workflow in the Housing System under the step 'Move-in'. This will ensure that you will not be held responsible for these issues when it comes to your departure. 

If you are sharing areas with other tenants, make sure to include these areas in your move-in report. Every user ID must have their own move-in report. Even if you are aware that your roommate has mentioned the same issues, you must have this noted in your own account as well. 

The reported issues are checked by the UCPH Housing Foundation and/or their inspectors. 

Having the inspector in your home

If the inspector needs to come into your residence to fix an issue which you have reported, he will use his spare key to let himself in if you are not home. If you prefer to be present when he comes by you need to arrange this directly with the inspector.

If the issue is urgent, e.g. water damage, smoke coming from the room etc., the inspector will let himself in no matter what, but will leave a note stating that he has been in the residence.