Getting your CPR number

When first arriving in Denmark, you must register with the national registration office of your local municipality ("Folkeregisteret"). Then they can issue you with a Danish Social Security Number (CPR-number). You need a CPR number in order to do many things in public life, such as opening a Danish bank account. That's why it is important you register as soon as possible after arriving in Denmark.

Acquiring a CPR number 

There are three ways you can apply for a CPR number. You can choose out of the the following: 

Part of the application process is providing them with your signed rental contract, the very contract you uploaded on your online flow. 

Information about other required documents and detailed explanations about the application process can be found here.

Who has permission to move in and take address at your apartment/room and how many must live there? 

If you are thinking about sharing an apartment with someone it is important to read the following text.  You will receive a paper to clarify who is allowed to  stay in the apartment with you rented by UCPH Housing Foundation. The paper also tells how many there are allowed to live in the apartment/room and what you must do when a person moves in.
We get questions from time to time from tenants about these issues.

You must also be aware of the fact, that if a person want to move in in your apartment/room and apply for a CPR, the Local Authority (eg. Copenhagen Municipality) will contact UCPH Housing Foundation asking us to confirm if we will permit the person to take address at you. In this paper, we also describe the procedure we follow in such a situation.
Whom has permission to stay with you in your apartment/room and take address there?
Only members of your household are according to the Rental Act § 26 allowed to move in and take address at your apartment. Household includes your family and other close relationship.

A person with whom you have no other relationship than you have decided to share an apartment/room is not a member of your household and can therefor not move in and take address. If you anyway let the person move in, it is subletting.
According to your contract, you has no permission to sublet. If you are subletting, you are acting against your contract and it can be a violation of your contract.
If you are not sure, about a person being accepted as a member of your household you are always welcome to contact UCPH Housing Foundation.

How many persons can get permission to stay in the apartment and take address there?

Normally it is so, that when you rent a “one room” student apartment you are normally not allowed to stay other than yourself as contract holder and take address here.
Some of our “one room” apartments is possible to rent as a shared apartment, which means that there are two contract holders. In that case you do not have to be seen as a household.
Other “one room” apartments can have a size that makes it possible for a household with two persons to stay there.
For other apartments, according to the act of Housing Regulation § 52 a, we are not allowed to rent an apartment out to more than two person pr. living room (not including kitchen, bathroom etc.) and they shall all be members of the contract holders household. If we ask for it, you are bound to inform us about the size of your household and their relationship to you.

The procedure if a person asks the Local Authorities for CPR

When a person apply for CPR at the Local Authorities, they ask UCPH Housing Foundation if we permit the person to take address at your apartment.
We send you a scheme you must fill in. In the scheme, you must tell us who is member of your household, and their relationship to you. You must also tell us about your relationship to the person who has applied for CPR.
We will then tell you if we accept membership of your household and what we answer the Local Authorities.

Departure from the City of Copenhagen 

Danish law also specifies that all people residing in Denmark must notify the municipality when they move away.

Please see the City of Copenhagen website for the steps that must be followed when leaving your current address in Copenhagen.