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Getting your CPR number

When first arriving in Denmark, you must register with the national registration office of your local municipality ("Folkeregisteret"). Then they can issue you with a Danish Social Security Number (CPR-number). You need a CPR number in order to do many things in public life, such as opening a Danish bank account. That's why it is important you register as soon as possible after arriving in Denmark.

Acquiring a CPR number 

There are three ways you can apply for a CPR number. You can choose out of the the following: 

Part of the application process is providing them with your signed rental contract, the very contract you uploaded on your online flow. 

Information about other required documents and detailed explanations about the application process can be found here.

Departure from the City of Copenhagen 

Danish law also specifies that all people residing in Denmark must notify the municipality when they move away.

Please see the City of Copenhagen website for the steps that must be followed when leaving your current address in Copenhagen.